Popular Lecture Topics

Paul Davies gives many public lectures in Australia, the United States and Europe. Please contact DeepThought@asu.edu if you are interested in having Dr. Davies consider your upcoming lecture.  

Popular Topics

  • Black holes and wormholes
  • Dark forces of the cosmos
  • Did life come from Mars?
  • Einstein's greatest mistake
  • Menace of the killer asteroids
  • The architecture of the universe
  • The arrow of time
  • The future of space exploration
  • The multiverse: how many universes are there?
  • The mystery of consciousness
  • The search for extraterrestrial intelligence
  • The state of the universe
  • The origin and end of the universe
  • The origin of life
  • Time travel
  • Why is the universe bio-friendly?

Technical Topics

  • Cosmological horizon entropy
  • Multiverse cosmological models and the anthropic principle
  • Quantum clocks and the foundations of relativity

Recent Venues

  • Science Festival Lecturer, Cheltenham, England
  • Comicon, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Starship Century Symposium, San Diego, California
  • Future Summit, Santiago, Chile
  • Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo, Japan
  • India International Centre, New Delhi, India
  • Texas A & M University, College Station
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • European Commission, Brussels
  • Future Summit, Sydney, Australia
  • Leadership Retreat, Hayman Island
  • Royal Astronomical Society, London