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Click here to listen to my recent radio interview on, "The Demon in the Machine," presented by ABC Radio National's Big Ideas program!

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Physicist Paul Davies talks to Jim al-Khalili about the origin of life, the search for aliens and the evolution of cancer.

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One hundred years ago Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Paul Davies explains how Harvard calculations may have been clouded by dust from within the Milky Way. 

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What is it about endings that causes us so much anxiety? Cosmologist, Paul Davies, explains what the end of the universe might look like (beginning at 7:20 and sporadically throughout 13:40). 


Taken on a hike in the Superstitions yesterday by Ben Broome, a colleague of Pauline Davies in the HDSHC.

In a keynote lecture for the 2013 Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Paul Davies outlines a bold new approach based on tracing cancer’s ancient evolutionary roots and its intriguing links with embryo development.