The Cosmic Blueprint

This book has just been re-published. I wrote it in the heady days of chaos theory. People were finding chaos everywhere - in the weather, in the behaviour of biological species, in the stock market. But chaos is just one manifestation of complexity. Alongside the destructive effects of chaos are the creative aspects of complex systems - intriguing, even baffling, phenomena like self-organization. It seems that matter and energy have an inbuilt propensity to create new and elaborate systems, up to life and beyond. This is notvitalism, but part of the burgeoning field of complexity science! So what is this inherent creative tendency in the universe? Is there a hidden law of nature at work, or some other explanation?


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Heinemann (1987) U.S.A.

Simon & Schuster (1988) U.S.A.
Revised edition, Templeton Foundation Press (2004)


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