TV and Radio

Paul was recently featured in a conversation about his new book, "What's Eating The Universe," with Richard Fidler from ABC Radio. Follow this link to listen to the talk!

Do you ever wonder what's eating the universe? Take a look at Paul Davies' recent talk to discover his insights of six major themes covering the big questions of the universe! You can locate his talk using this link.

Paul recently did a talk for Genexis covering the big questions he researches, such as how is it that a universe displays such predictible properties? To watch his lecture, click here!


Paul was recently interviewed by Bruce Dorminey who hosts "Cosmic Controversey" Podcast, discussing topics of the biggest questions related to the cosmos. Have a listen at this link

Paul recently joined a virtual debate along side his colleague, Sarah Walker, to have an open discussion on consciousness, time, and space. To watch the debates, click this link!

I had the opportunity to participate in a podcast interview with Nate from The Show About Science! To listen to our conversation about time travel, click this link!