TV and Radio

Click the media below to listen to a podcast I was featured in with Dr. Raj Persaud, discussing how new mysteries of life may require a new type of science!

Click this link to watch an episode of Nightlife with Indira Naidoo and hear my thoughts on viruses and life itself!

Interested in new ideas discussing the mysterious hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence? Click this link to watch a presentation by James Benford and Paul Davies as their put forth their ideas on ETI. 

Click this link to listen to a podcast episode I recently joined at UCSD and hear the discussion on the strategy of looking for ETI artifacts!

Click here to listen to a podcast I joined in on with Marty Martin and Art Woods from the Big Biology Podcast on the topic of my book "The Demon in the Machine!"

Discover Prof. Davies' thoughts on cancer research and why there isn't a cure yet in an interview with Going Underground on RT! Click here to access the interview.