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Blue Sky Thinking Workshop 1: The Arrow of Time

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Blue Sky Thinking Workshop 1: The Arrow of Time
Blue Sky Thinking Workshop 1: The Arrow of Time

1 a.m.


Join us online for the first of three annual one-day workshops in which we will bring together a network of scientists and philosophers from around the world working on foundational problems relating to the arrow of time in theoretical physics (with a focus in particular on quantum mechanics and the nature of entanglement and decoherence in open quantum systems and the quantum-classical transition), philosophy and biology. The talks are meant to be deliberately speculative and focus on current problems and open issues in the field. Speakers include Paul Davies, Sean Carroll and Carlo Rovelli. This workshop will be held online, is free and will encourage debate amongst delegates.

9:45am - 6pm British Summer Time (GMT+1)

The workshops are funded by a research grant from the John Templeton Foundation and are part of a larger research programme entitled Life on the Edge: Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Biology and the Arrow of Timewhich is hosted by the University of Surrey in collaboration with Arizona State University, University of Bristol, UCLA, UC San Diego and the University of Oxford.  The interdisciplinary project brings together quantum physics, applied mathematics, computational chemistry, experimental molecular biology and the philosophy of physics.  The John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to the deepest and most perplexing questions facing humankind. The Foundation focuses its support on grantees who push the boundaries of understanding across a range of subjects in the sciences, philosophy and theology.