Paul Davies

looking into the "Big Questions" of existence

Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist.

Davies has worked for much of his career in astrophysics and cosmology, with emphasis on the origin and early stages of the universe, the quantum properties of black holes and the nature of time. He is interested in the nature and origin of life – including extraterrestrial life – beyond Earth, and in complex systems generally.

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What's Eating the Universe?

and Other Cosmic Questions

In the constellation of Eridanus lurks a cosmic mystery. It appears as if something has taken a huge bite out of the universe, leaving a super-void. What is the culprit? A supermassive black hole? Another, bigger universe?

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Davies is the author of over twenty books

including The Goldilocks Enigma,
How to Build a Time Machine,
The Mind of God, and many more!


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The Demon in the Machine

How Hidden Webs of Information are Solving the Mystery of Life

Oct 2019

The Eerie Silence

Are we alone in the universe?

Jan 2010

The Goldilocks Enigma

Why is the Universe just Right for Life?

Apr 2006

The Fifth Miracle

The search for the origin of life

Mar 1999


My research spans from physics and cosmology to the origin of life, and the search for extraterrestrial life.

I'm most interested in the proverbial ‘big questions’ of existence—from what happened before the big bang, to whether or not we are alone in the universe.

These twin interests inevitably lead me into areas where physics and biology overlap. In recent years I have become involved in research on the origin of cancer and its deep evolutionary roots, a subject with important implications for therapy.

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Recent & notable peer-reviewed publications:

'The search for extraterrestrial minds.' The Monthly (1 October 2021). Publication Link

Davies, P.C.W. (2020). Does new physics lurk inside living matter? Physics Today, 73(8), 34. Publication Link

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Paul Davies appointed as a member to the Copernicus Space Corporation Distinguished and Visionary Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Davies joins other renowned and highly regarded astrophysics, astrobiology, space exploration, mathematics and technology business experts to the Copernicus SSAB.

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What are the Implications of Einstein's Thinking?

What are the implications of Einstein’s predictions? Has our understanding of reality integrated the implications of this thinking? His General and Special theories of relativity have completely changed the way we see gravity, energy, mass, space and time, even size - but how?

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What the James Webb Space Telescope reveals by Paul Davies

Discover why NASA’s new telescope is a huge step forward for understanding the universe.

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