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Media appearances

Print media

Acceptance Address by Prof. Paul Davies

Click the link to read Paul Davies acceptance speech for the 1995 Templeton Prize.

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Paul Davies at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: What are the Laws of Physics

Check out this video thread highlighting Paul Davies giving a lecture at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to see what his thought are on the laws of physics!

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The Naked Scientists Podcast: Multiverses, the Big Bang and laws of physics

Physicist and science populariser Paul Davies talks to Naked Astronomy's Ben McAllister about some of the toughest questions cosmologist are grappling with: how did the Universe begin and how will it end, what provoked the Big Bang, and are we part of a "Multiverse"?

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Closer to the Truth: What are Observers?

Why is an observer a critical part of quantum physics? What does it mean to be an observer? Does the act of observation affect what exists and what happens in the external world? Why is observation in the quantum world still a mystery?

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Premier Unbelievable: What would it mean if we discovered life elsewhere in the universe?

Physicist Paul Davies shares his thoughts on what it would mean if we discovered life elsewhere in the universe.

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