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Cheltenham Science Festival June 2022

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Image of Cheltenham Science Festival
Image of Cheltenham Science Festival

12 p.m.

In 1974, Paul Davies published his first book, The Physics of Time Asymmetry. Now, almost half a century later, he is one of a team of researchers that includes Jim Al-Khalili who are working on a new research programme to explore the origins of the arrow of time. The two theoretical physicists discuss their new project in which they hope to answer two of the biggest questions in science: how does the arrow of time emerge from the quantum world, and does life utilise the time reversibility of the quantum realm to distinguish it from non-life?

How long is a piece of string? What makes the world turn? And why does chocolate taste so good? Nothing is off limits at Cheltenham Science Festival. Every year we are joined by the world’s greatest scientists, futurologists and thought-leaders to help make sense of the world around us.