Cover of Physics of Time Asymmetry




The Physics of Time Asymmetry

Published Jan 1974

It is a basic property of nature that our world possesses a structural distinction between past and future; in physics this is known as time asymmetry, and it is a controversial and obscure area of study. Can the asymmetry in time of the everyday world be accounted for on the basis of conventional physics? If so, what is the nature of asymmetry? What is its origin? Are there other, less conspicuous asymmetric processes? I examine these questions in the light of research covering a wide range of physics, encompassing such diverse topics as a statistical and quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, elementary particles, and cosmology. This widely-acclaimed book is said to have transformed a subject notorious for confusion and misconception. In a review, John Wheeler wrote: ‘Never has a saner book been written on a more insane subject.’